Unit6-2: Security and Privacy / educate a relative

I learned at COL270 about how to create a strong password and why does this process is an important thing? So, one of my achievements on this course is to educate one of my relatives about something I learned. Thus, I decided to teach my little sister about the importance of creating a strong password. At the beginning, I asked her if she knows anything about it, but she did not know anything about the strong passwords. So, I taught her some tips to this such as using some capital letters and numbers, use some symbols, create a password that is not including information’s about her, also I told her not to use the same password for her accounts. In addition, I showed her a video about creating a strong password and finally she thanked me a lot for teaching her this valuable information and she said that she would teach her friends about this thing.

Unit6-2 educate relative.png


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